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Jacqueline King-Presant, M.Ed.

Jacqueline King-Presant, M.Ed.

Child Development Specialist

About Me

My Background:

I am a child development specialist, working with children, teachers, parents, and other professionals in various consultation capacities related to special education, behavior, environment & materials consultation, and parent education. I have worked with children, with a focus on those with special needs, since 2006. I am also a certified Reiki practitioner.

I have a B.A. from St. Joseph's College, NY in Child Study and a M.A. in Early Childhood Development and Special Education from the same university. I continually participate in workshops and conferences, and have completed ongoing training in areas such as neuroscience, psychology, attachment, and coaching which has given me invaluable insight and skills with which to work with children and families. I have also completed extensive training through NYU Steinhardt for working with children with Autism.​

I have taught elementary school and preschool as a general and special education teacher as well as an academic intervention teacher. I have been consulting in both a public and private capacity in the special education and behavior fields since 2009.

My current focus is on alternative education modalities, "joining" practices to support children with Autism, as well as holistic, respectful, priority-driven child-rearing that is in line with latest research. I am a regular contributor to Natural Child Magazine.

My work in the education and child development field, and then struggling in relationship to my own daughter when she was young culminated to steadily lead me to become disillusioned with the current predominant paradigm of the adult-child relationship as well as much else that is in children's lives as a result of adult choices. After diving into the latest research, exploring several alternative philosophies to child-rearing, TONS of soul-searching, and totally shifting my own paradigm of education, therapy, and parenting as a result; I found that not only was I helping children achieve greater outcomes than ever before but I was experiencing personal healing and growth in an unexpected and BIG way. I also found a level of connection, peace, and ease of being with children that was not present before. I now know that every challenge was an invitation to transform and grow, I just had zero reference point for this or idea where to turn for answers for a long time.

Personally, I am so grateful for this shift and the new strategies I employ both within myself, with the children & families I work with directly, and with my own daughter because I know our relationship is, and will continue to be, so much stronger and supportive than it had any chance of being before. I KNOW in my soul that this shift is exactly what the world needs, and is what will create resilient, self-actualized children who are free of the emotional & psychological burdens we are sadly seeing today.

I know that if I had not shifted, my life with her would be characterized by conflict, grasping at the illusion of control, and disconnection like so many of the parents I have come to work with, before they find their own personal transformation. In a way, I have come to consider this path one of intense spiritual growth - if we are willing to be open to change. This is why I have become passionate about helping other parents achieve a life of deep connection, peace, ease, and trust with their children in the way that is best for them, meets their personal goals, and fits into their unique life through a structured yet personalized program.

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