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Address: Challenging behavior, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Anxiety & Depression, Sensory Processing Disorder, major life changes, and other disabilities & challenges
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Jacqueline King-Presant, M.Ed.

Jacqueline King-Presant, M.Ed.

Child Development Specialist

           A free consultation is required by phone before booking Please e-mail me at Jackie@brightnewdaychildren.com to schedule your consultation. 
I currently take on a limited number of private clients.  I combine my experience, expertise, and research in Child Development & Special Education as well as my training and experience as a Certified Life Coach and as a Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner in a unique and personalized way. 

I work with parents based on their goals, priorities, and needs. Some parents are looking for general information and education related to parenting, while others need help navigating specific issues they are encountering with their children, and still others are looking to re-vamp their play/learning environments in the most developmentally-appropriate way to stimulate optimal play, learning, emotional or sensory regulation, and growth for their unique child and lifestyle.

I work with and support parents on their journey to help decode their children's behavior as well as their own reactions to bring greater connection, peace, growth, and self-actualization for both parent and child. In addition to working with the parent directly, if it is appropriate I work with the child as well; however I firmly believe that it is the changes at home, by the parent that will be of the most value and efficacy.

It is my belief that children are our greatest teachers, and if we can be present with gratitude, acceptance, openness, reflection, and trust for every moment and experience as a parent (yes ​each and every one!); we will learn exactly what we need to learn for ourselves and for our children.

I am blessed to work with parents from a wide variety of philosophies and backgrounds. My philosophy and methods are based on scientific research and both classical human psychology and developmental philosophies. I will also note that I am not a behaviorist (I do not deal in consequences and rewards) as this is not within the realm of what I feel is effective and healthy long-term.

My philosophy and attitude does tend to resonate the most strongly and immediately with parents with knowledge or experience with philosophies such as attachment parenting and/or alternative educational modalities such as Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, RIE, and/or life-learning. Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is also an influence of my work. This is because of the basis in trust in and respect for the child, and meeting needs rather than treating surface behaviors that these philosophies hold. Then again - plenty of parents from the most mainstream to the most alternative who have never heard of any of this and are just looking for new ways to support their children are also a perfect match for these services! There is no one-size-fits-all approach and a parent, child, and/or family from any walk of life can be a perfect fit for the services I offer

Please e-mail me for availability. Sessions are limited to a few per week currently.


     It generally takes at least 3-6 sessions to start seeing true results, for this reason and because I am committed to your success, I require that clients start by purchasing either a 3 or 6 session package. Additional follow-up sessions are available by purchasing another package or a single add-on session. Sessions usually run between 60 and 90 min. with the initial session, mainly an evaluation and information gathering session, sometimes being longer. If you simply want an evaluation consultation & recommendations (normally included as the first session), you may simply purchase that by itself. 

3 Sessions: $350
6 Sessions: $675
10 Sessions $800
Single Add-On: $150

Evaluation & Recommendation Only: $200


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