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I am a child development specialist working with children, teachers, parents, and other professionals in various consultation capacities related to special education, behavior, environmental/materials, and parenting. I have worked with children, with a focus on those with special needs, since 2006. I am also a Certified Life Coach & Reiki practitioner.​

It's because I know just how challenging it can be that I want to be there to support others on their parenting journey. Even as a seasoned teacher and developmental consultant working with children for years before becoming a parent, I found parenting to be the most triggering, exhausting, and overwhelming experience of my life (can anyone relate?). This is what lead me on a  journey of learning to manage my own emotions through mindfulness, self-inquiry, and energy work so that I could effectively hold the space for my child's growth and wellbeing.

Along the way, I found healing of the ancestral wounds and dysfunctional programming that inevetably surfaces while parenting, and revisited everything I have ever learned about child development, attachment, and psychology. Eventually, I began integrating all of this into my work with children, with wonderfully fulfilling results.

I discovered a quality of connection and joy in my relationship with my daughter as well as with the children I was working with like never before. I also feel so much more confident that I am truly doing everything I can do to support childrens' path towards self-actualization and success - while respecting their needs and honoring the unique expression of who they are. 

This shift into a way of being with children that leads to self-actualization and growth for both caregiver AND child is the shift that I am passionate about, and humbled to facilitate. I now believe that every challenging moment we experience as a parent is a calling to look within, challenge our limiting beliefs, and heal personal, ancestral, and societal programming that is not working.

If there's two things that I know about children, it is firstly that they are innately whole, worthy, and cooperative and that if only learn to accept them unconditionally and respond to their needs skilfully we will be able to nurture and see this.

Secondly, I truly believe that the path of conscious parenting is one that can lead to the changes in the world we would all like to see. This is why I view it as an enormously important form of activism we can all participate in and benefit from both personally and collectively.

Education and Experience:

I have a B.A. from St. Joseph's College, NY in Child Study and a M.A. in Early Childhood Development and Special Education from the same university. I continually participate in workshops and conferences, and have completed ongoing training in areas such as neuroscience, psychology, attachment, and coaching which has given me invaluable insight and skills with which to work with children and families. I have also completed extensive training through NYU Steinhardt for working with children with Autism.​ I consider myself a life-long autodidactic learner, and am constantly researching and learning new ways to help parents and kids.

I have taught elementary school and preschool as both a general and special education teacher; as well as an academic intervention teacher. I have been consulting in both a public and private capacity in the special education and behavior fields since 2009.

My current focus is on alternative non-behaviorist educational modalities, "joining" practices to support children with Autism, as well as holistic, respectful, priority-driven child-rearing that is in line with latest research. I am a regular contributor to Natural Child Magazine.

Now that you know all about me, I look forward to learning all about you!

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