Material and Environment Consultation

Materials and the organization of the physical environment makes all of the difference in a child's organizing of their internal world, development, and learning. With the right materials and space management, much of a child's learning is self-taught and behavior issues are reduced.

This service is either for parents setting up a play/learning environment for the first time; or those wanting to change their current environment to meet their children's needs. I have found that it can actually be quite difficult to find quality children's materials that are most supportive of their development in the more mainstream sources. I personally feel that the Montessori and Waldorf philosophies direct us to the most developmentally-appropriate materials and set-up, and I draw on these philosophies for this service.

It includes assessing your current space and materials as well as you and your child's needs and priorities, then consulting with you about what changes would be best to make. This can include organization as well as recommending new materials. I can also purchase materials for you, based on your budget, set up the space for you, and recommend changes as your child grows.


 It generally takes at least 3-6 sessions to start seeing true results, for this reason and because I am committed to your success, I suggest that clients start by purchasing a package. Additional follow-up sessions are available by purchasing another package or a single add-on session. Sessions usually run between 60 and 90 min. with the initial session, mainly an evaluation and information gathering session, sometimes being longer. If you simply want an evaluation consultation & recommendations (normally included as the first session), you may simply purchase that by itself. 

3 Sessions: $350 (save $100)
6 Sessions: $750 (save 150)
10 Sessions $950 (save $200)
Single Session: $150
Evaluation & Recommendation Only: $200