Parent Coaching & Child Development Consultation

This is for new parents just starting out, or seasoned parents wanting to gain insight or make changes. Through this service, parents learn how to shift into their true, heart-based center of parental power.

Child-rearing is both the most challenging, and the most rewarding journey any person could endeavor upon. Most of us could use a little, or a lot, of clarity and support; as well as some knowledge and new skills to be the parents we really want to be.

Through a customized and personally delivered program you can gain knowledge based on the latest scientific research, target specific skills to implement, and totally transform your experience of what child-rearing can be. This allows you to truly connect to and guide your child from the heart while meeting your own needs. You can do all of this while staying true to your personal values and priorities without resorting to coercive tactics in an attempt to maintain order in the home.