What is Reiki & Other Forms of Energy Work?

​​ Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing art in which a practitioner channels and balances the vital life energy at a person's chakras, or energy centers. Similar methods have been used across cultures and time, and presently new methods of energy work have been developed. ​​

​I have personally found healing through energy work that no other medical treatment could give me, and the unexpected side effects of connecting me more deeply to myself and the web of life have been amazing.

Treatments can be done and have effects on all areas of life: emotional, mental, physical, & for helping to manifest life goals.

​Energy work is a wonderful compliment to modern medicine, and can help alleviate a lot of the side effects of traditional modern treatments.

While a practitioner does normally lightly touch the head, arms, legs, and feet of a client; a practitioner does not even need to touch a client for a client to recieve the benefits if they wish. Healing can even be conducted via distance. 

After setting intentions together, I will generally lead a client through a meditation to start the session while the client just relaxes and recieves the energy. Some people worry that they will not be able to recieve benefits if they do not 100% "believe" in enegy work, but this does not seem to be the case at all. Intention, motivation, and simple openness are generally all that is required to recieve the benefits.

I have had clients describe everything from feeling "swirly", feeling intense tingles, seeing colors, feeling like they were in between strong magnets, feeling heat or cold, feeling like they were in an intense dream, or just feeling relaxed and sleepy. 

It does not actually matter at all what a person experiences while recieving energy (personally I don't usually "feel" very much at all as a client other than relaxed) and this has not in my experience had any relationship to the amount of healing a person experiences. Every client and every session is different. Sometimes changes are noted right away, while at other times they seem to unfold for a week or more after a treatment. 

The vital energy really does seem to know better than we do what we truly need, and in what way we are able to recieve it!

If you would like to find out if this is a good option to help you reach your goals, set up a consultation call with my by e-mailing: J[email protected]

What does a session feel like?